Why we DO

In India, on an average 2000 farmers are moving out of farming to some other occupation every day and every half an hour, a farmer taking his own life by committing a suicide majorly due to financial burdens. Farming is increasingly becoming an unviable activity and farmers couldn’t able to meet their basic needs by not yielding a profit out of farming, which pushes them to below poverty line. Considering their current financial status, they are being treated low and neglected by this society.


Due to this hard fact, younger generation is not showing interest to take farming as their occupation, however we should not forget that agriculture needs to be sustained for our living and we are in need of a big revolution in saving the farmers and agriculture with the aid of technological advancements, hence we started an online platform “ConnectFarmer.com” by the year 2014, to connect farmers with customers directly to sell their products. We worked out our model with nearly 300 farmers on a test basis and we are happy to announce that we are able to connect farmers with end customers more efficiently through our model and attracting more people through our platform.


We at ConnectFarmer helps farmers by coaching them on product development,packaging, marketing, quoting right price and branding of the farm products. We are being bridging a gap between farmers and customers and helps them to build mutual trust on each other.


We are also creating an awareness about emerging wide range of opportunities and encouraging them setting up agro based cottage industries which would be source of their extra income.


We are also working intensely in building our “Farm Tourism” services, which would help farmers by generating an income as well as helps city residents to experience the richness of village life.


Feeling motivated and would like to help us in our journey? C’mon, take a first step by saying “Hi there, I am here to support you” by mailing to shrikrishnaullane@gmail.com