Rakesh Kasturi

Rakesh is the Challenge Lab Manager at The DO School in Germany and founder of the innovation consultancy, Fliptree Consulting. He ensures that radical new ideas are brought to the world and nurtured along their journey to the market. Working at the crossroads of innovation, strategy and marketing, he helps create new ideas, products or services that address the real needs of people. He started out as a technical consultant in the German automobile industry, developing design and engineering ecosystems that help OEMs like BMW, Audi, Ford and Volkswagen reduce development costs and optimize their vehicles by using virtual engineering methods. His social innovation journey started in 2012 as a Pepal Fellow, where he worked on bringing clean, drinkable water to underserved communities in India. It was here that he discovered the long-term impact of inclusive economics and the inherent social nature of business. Rakesh has a Masters in Computational Science & Engineering from the Technical University of Munich and an MBA in International Management from the University of Applied Sciences Nürtingen-Geislingen. He enjoys swimming, can cook a mean biryani while discussing the mysteries of the universe and loves participating in urban adventures."