Romy Kraemar

Romy working as Venture Lab Head in The DO School to explore alternatives to conventional education.
She wants to empower social entrepreneurs with the knowledge and coaching they need to get started, test their assumptions and prototype their ideas to ultimately run successful ventures.

She was born in Germany and has lived, researched and worked in Germany, Scotland, India and Ecuador. Inspired by her work with Indian activists and her own drive to foster social change, she has decided to quit formal academia.

Romy holds a Masters degree in Work and Organization Psychology from the University of Leipzig. She pursued a PhD at the Rotterdam School of Management in the Netherlands for which she spent several months in India to understand resistance mechanisms against the mining and steel industry and the dynamics between local anti-corporate movements and international NGOs.

Romy has supported over 100 social entrepreneurs and co-founded an environmental initiative at the Rotterdam School of Management. She is also a freelance lecturer in CSR and Business Ethics.

Romy lives in Berlin, likes Ashtanga Yoga, and electronic music.